Top 20 B2B Databases of All Industries (2024)

Top 20 B2B Databases of All Industries

In B2B marketing, having access to a comprehensive and reliable database is crucial for reaching the right audience and making informed decisions. Leveraging high-quality B2B databases can significantly enhance your lead generation efforts and overall business growth, whether in sales, marketing, or business development. Here, we present the top 20 B2B databases across various industries to help you streamline your marketing strategies and drive success.


ZoomInfo is a leading B2B database platform that provides extensive contact and company data. It’s known for its accuracy and depth, making it an excellent choice for sales and marketing professionals. offers an unlimited B2B lead generation platform. It allows businesses to access a vast database of contacts and companies and integrates seamlessly with popular CRM systems.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator leverages LinkedIn’s professional network to provide a powerful B2B database. It helps identify potential leads and build relationships.


Clearbit provides real-time intelligence on companies and contacts, enhancing your ability to effectively target and engage with the right prospects.

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet offers comprehensive business data and analytics, helping businesses uncover insights and make informed decisions.


DiscoverOrg, now part of ZoomInfo, offers detailed B2B data and insights to help sales and marketing teams target the right prospects precisely.


Lead411 provides accurate and up-to-date business contact information, making connecting with decision-makers in various industries easier.


InsideView delivers market intelligence and data insights to help businesses understand their target market and engage with the right prospects.


Salesgenie provides targeted sales leads and marketing solutions, helping businesses find and connect with potential customers.


InfoUSA offers comprehensive business and consumer data, enabling companies to target the right audience for their marketing campaigns.


UpLead provides high-quality B2B contact data with a focus on accuracy and reliability. It’s an excellent tool for lead generation and prospecting. offers a robust database of business contacts, helping sales and marketing teams find and engage with the right prospects.


Lusha provides accurate and up-to-date contact information for B2B sales professionals, making it easier to reach decision-makers.


RocketReach offers extensive contact and company data, helping businesses connect with the right people across various industries. provides real-time B2B contact data, enabling sales and marketing teams to effectively find and engage with potential customers.


Owler delivers business insights and company data, helping businesses to stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

Global Database

Global Database offers comprehensive business intelligence and contact data, supporting various industries in their B2B marketing efforts.


Leadiro provides high-quality B2B contact data and insights, helping businesses to target the right audience with precision.


FullContact offers a robust B2B database, providing detailed contact and company information to support sales and marketing strategies.

    How Voltic Agency Can Help

    At Voltic Agency, we understand the importance of accessing reliable B2B databases for driving business growth. Our expertise in digital marketing and lead generation ensures you can make the most of these databases to reach your target audience effectively. Whether you need help with database management, lead generation, or crafting targeted marketing campaigns, Voltic Agency has the solutions you need.

    By leveraging the top B2B databases mentioned above, we can help you identify and engage with high-quality leads, ultimately driving your business toward success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in optimizing your B2B marketing efforts.

    FAQs about B2B Databases

    1. What is a B2B database?

    A B2B database collects information about businesses and their key contacts. This information is used by sales and marketing teams to identify potential leads, build relationships, and drive business growth.

    2. Why is a B2B database important?

    A B2B database is crucial because it provides detailed and accurate information about potential clients and partners. This data helps businesses to target their marketing efforts more effectively, leading to higher conversion rates and improved ROI.

    3. How do I choose the right B2B database for my business?

    When choosing a B2B database, consider factors such as the accuracy and depth of the data, the industries covered, the ease of integration with your existing systems, and the overall cost. It’s also helpful to read reviews and seek recommendations from other businesses in your industry.

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